Northern Transformer builds

liquid filled transformers up to 115MVA at 160kV

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Transformers for the industrial market tend to be smaller than utility and renewable markets. Cost is very important to keep capital investment costs low. However, overall cost of ownership for this market is also critical as downtime, due to a failed transformer can have very substantial business impacts. Northern Transformer’s solution achieves longevity through a conservative design philosophy while using cost effective materials such as aluminum conductor.

For industrial customers with applications that produce irregular harmonics including Large DC Drives and Furnaces, Northern Transformer adjusts the design to mitigate the harmonic imbalances and increases in temperature.

For customers with very sensitive equipment requiring pure power with little to no voltage fluctuations (Data Centres, Pharmaceutical Plants), Northern Transformer can provide an ULTC (Under Load Tap Changer) to ensure business continuity and protection of expensive assets that can be harmed by voltage spikes and drops.