Northern Transformer builds

liquid filled transformers up to 115MVA at 160kV

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Northern Transformer has supplied the Ontario Utility market since its inception with the very first transformer sold to Ontario Hydro in 1981. Since 1981, Northern Transformer has provided over 500 units into the utility market ranging from highly technical station service transformers to transmission grade substations. Northern complies with stringent utility specifications ensuring our design is robust and durable. Utilities see the quality and value within a Northern Transformer and the utilities represent our largest customer segment.

Typical transformers that Northern Transformer produces for this market include Transmission and Distribution step down transformers ranging from 5-115 MVA handling voltages with a BIL level of 650. They can incorporate ULTC (Under Load Tap Changers) located on the High or Low voltage side using an intake or compartment style tap changer.

Also provided in this space are specialty station service transformers. These range in size from 225kVA to 2MVA and typically have an HV between 13.2 – 44kV. Higher voltages are available for remote locations where only transmission voltages are available. Unlike typical station service transformers using distribution type technology, Northern Transformer uses power transformer design principles to ensure the final product is to utility expectations.